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Beneficiary Attendants

We are only as good as our beneficiary attendants. We are dedicated to a higher level of integrity, care and trust in our staff, which we create through our culture and training.

Beneficiary Attendant
Services for Your Facility

Our beneficiary attendants are just who you need to complete your healthcare team. Beneficiary attendants help patients retain their dignity by helping them with ADLs and mobility. A beneficiary attendant sees people at their most vulnerable.
They care for people when they are at their weakest, and sometimes their lowest. Not only must a beneficiary attendant have the skills to keep their clients clean and comfortable, they must be able to do their work with kindness, patience and compassion. Our beneficiary attendants are flexible and can work in many settings.

Why Trust Our Team of Beneficiary Attendants?

After years of experience in many inpatient and outpatient settings alike, our beneficiary attendants have the capability to serve your patients with excellence.

100% Involved Senior Leadership

Our Agile leaders are fully involved in our staffing process and are available 24/7 to make sure you are satisfied with your workers.

90 Day Guarantee

For facility staffing, we offer a 90 Day Guarantee for permanent hires, to make sure our staff is a good fit for you.

Quality Care

You can trust us not only to verify licenses but to partner with nurses who understand their job entails a high level of knowledge, teamwork, flexibility and empathy.

Agile Beneficiary Attendants Are Reliable

Our experienced beneficiary attendants at Agile Healthcare are highly qualified and have compassion to spare. We know where our beneficiary attendants shine and want to match them to just the right position, so you and they get the most out of your partnership.

Our Quality Assurance Checks for Beneficiary Attendants

During our interview process, we verify our beneficiary attendants’ education, level of experience and type of experience (home care vs. nursing home). We ask that our beneficiary attendants are certified by the National Association of Career College (NACC) or a similarly accredited program. We also check each candidate’s references to be sure you are getting a reliable worker.

Beneficiary Attendant Training and Certifications

Our recruiters diligently vet each one of our candidates’ certifications, including the completion of a Vocational Studies course at an accredited school. We assure all of our beneficiary attendants are certified in CPR for Healthcare Providers and have completed PDSB training. When you hire a beneficiary attendant through Agile, you will know you are getting excellence in care.

We Trust Our Beneficiary Attendants

While beneficiary attendants are unlicensed, we diligently vet all our workers’ experience and references. We value our beneficiary attendants and we have complete confidence each Agility worker will prove exceptional.

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What is Our Turn Around Time?

When you contact us, our team springs into action, working with you to find a good match within a week on average, but sometimes within days.

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