Our Social Service Workers - The Heart and Soul Your Organization Needs

Our dedicated social service workers become partners in progress with child welfare agencies, healthcare providers, and schools. Together, we steer these organizations toward ethical and responsible practices, ensuring they become beacons of positive change within the community.

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Benefits of Our Social Work Services:

Uninterrupted Care with Skilled Social Service Workers All Year Round

Keep your shifts filled, no matter the season, with compassionate, reliable, highly skilled workers. We understand the urgency of staffing needs, especially during peak seasons, and that's why we have a dedicated pool of backup caregivers always ready to step in.

High-quality care while staying within budget

Our staffing services align precisely with your facility's financial needs and maintain high-quality care while staying within budget. With top-tier workers and minimized turnover, we help our clients avoid the sunk costs of constant hiring efforts.

Quality Care in Less Than 10 Days

We can help you find highly skilled workers in ten days or less with the exact expertise and requirements you need. You can trust us not only to verify licenses and work but with compassionate workers who know their job well.

100% Engaged and Dedicated Senior Leadership

You can leverage the staffing expertise of our Agile leaders, built over two decades, who are fully involved in your staffing process and are available 24/7 to make sure you are satisfied with your care workers.

Quality Assured for Your Patients

All nursing licenses are verified through the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO). Our recruiters diligently vet each one of our candidates’ licenses and certifications. When you hire a nurse through Agile, you will know you are getting a top-notch nurse in Ontario.

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Types of Our Staffing Services We Offer

Direct Hire

Hire permanent staff members to streamline the recruitment process

Temporary Staffing

Meet your short-term staffing needs and maintain seamless operations


Evaluate employees before making a commitment to find the right fit

Our pre-screened Social Service Workers are highly skilled in the following:

  • Evaluating the needs and strengths of individuals, communities and families.
  • Understanding and connecting with the emotions and experiences of others.
  • Managing and responding to urgent situations effectively.
  • Identifying social challenges and developing practical solutions.
  • Advocacy of the rights and interests of clients or communities.
  • Understanding Cultural Competency and respecting diverse backgrounds.
  • Maintaining accurate records of social interactions and progress.
  • Applying ethical principles to complex social situations.

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Contact us if you are searching for the hearts you need for the people you serve.

Connecting Social Service Workers with The People Who Need Care

Contact us if you are searching for the hearts you need for the people you serve.

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