In the demanding world of healthcare, where the need for continuous care is both critical and challenging, Lena Reily, a healthcare facility manager, shares compelling insights on the essential role of staffing agencies. Her experiences highlight the significant impact that external staffing solutions, such as those provided by Agile, have on maintaining staff wellbeing and ensuring continuous care.

Avoiding Staff Burnout with External Staffing Solutions

Lena articulates a common challenge in healthcare settings—the risk of staff burnout due to excessive work hours and the relentless demands of the job.
“If we didn’t use an outside staffing agency, the staff that we have right now would be burned out,”
  Lena explains.
This statement underscores the vital role that staffing agencies play in providing relief to permanent staff, ensuring that they are not overburdened by excessive shifts or unsustainable workloads.

The 24/7 Nature of Healthcare

Healthcare facilities operate non-stop, and Lena points out the operational necessity of this continuous service.
“We have to have somebody there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” she states,
highlighting the relentless nature of healthcare that does not allow for any pauses in service. This operational reality puts immense pressure on staff, particularly when there are not enough hands to cover all shifts comfortably.

The Role of Agile in Enhancing Work-Life Balance

Lena praises Agile for providing staffing solutions that not only meet the technical needs of healthcare but also enhance the work-life balance of the staff.
“And when they can’t, we have at least the option to go with Agile and the staff that they’ve been sending us have been great,” she remarks,
appreciating the quality and reliability of the temporary staff provided. This partnership allows her team to maintain personal lives without compromising patient care.
if you are exploring options to enhance your staffing strategy, consider booking a meeting with Ann to discuss your staffing needs.

Importance of ‘Soft Skills’ in Healthcare Staffing

Beyond just filling positions, Lena emphasizes the importance of specific attributes in healthcare workers.
“Every staffing provider needs to look at the same things we look at when we’re employing employees, patients, those soft skills that we need to have,” she notes,
stressing that caregivers must possess empathy, communication skills, and a genuine desire to care for others. These ‘soft skills’ are critical for ensuring that healthcare environments are not only functional but also compassionate and patient-centered.
Lena’s insights offer a valuable perspective on the critical support that staffing agencies like Agile provide to healthcare facilities. By supplementing the workforce with skilled and empathetic temporary staff, these agencies play a pivotal role in sustaining healthcare operations, preventing staff burnout, and ensuring high-quality patient care.
For healthcare facilities facing similar challenges, it’s crucial to consider how external staffing solutions can be integrated effectively to support both staff wellbeing and patient care.

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