Marlette Miller, a community worker with a rich background in policing and healthcare, shares her transformative journey from Jamaica to Canada. Currently residing in Pickering, Marlette brings a unique blend of experiences and skills to her role at Agile Healthcare Solutions, offering a fresh perspective on community living and home care.

A Diverse Background

Marlette introduces herself as a seasoned professional who spent 15 years in policing in Jamaica before transitioning to the healthcare field in Canada. This change was driven by personal experiences and an opportunity to develop a more compassionate approach to care.
“What I do in Canada is unbelievable… It has taught me how to be careful, how to respond, how to be in control,” she explains,
highlighting the contrast between her past and present roles.

Lessons Learned Through Personal Challenges

Her experiences with her son in Canada have significantly shaped Marlette’s approach to healthcare, teaching her patience and compassion—qualities that were less emphasized in her previous law enforcement role.
“It teaches me more compassion and how to be patient,” Marlette notes,
reflecting on how these personal experiences have enhanced her professional capabilities in healthcare.

The Joy of Community Work

Marlette expresses a profound appreciation for her role in community living, where she works closely with individuals in various homes. This role allows her to have a direct impact on the lives of those she serves, helping her appreciate life and the challenges others face.
“It allows you to appreciate life more, it allows you to appreciate these persons more,” she states,
emphasizing the gratification that comes from her one-to-one interactions with clients.

Agile’s Supportive Environment

Highlighting the supportive and caring environment at Agile Healthcare Solutions, Marlette appreciates the organization’s approach to treating employees and clients like family.
“Here at Agile, I strongly believe that that’s their hallmark,” she comments,
applauding Agile for its genuine concern and appreciation for its staff, which she believes is crucial in fostering a productive and caring workplace.

Advice for Aspiring Community Workers

Marlette advises those interested in community living or healthcare to possess essential qualities such as patience and compassion. She stresses that the field is not suitable for everyone, especially those prone to aggression or impatience.
“If there is no patience in you, the field is not for you,” she firmly advises,
underscoring the importance of adherence to rules and procedures to avoid mistakes and ensure quality care.

Agile as a Family

In her closing remarks, Marlette endorses Agile Healthcare Solutions as a family-like organization that supports and values its employees.
“Agile is a family because I have described them as a family,” she declares,
highlighting the positive impact Agile has had on her personal and professional growth.
Marlette’s story is a testament to the transformative power of care and the importance of understanding and empathy in the healthcare industry. Her journey from law enforcement to healthcare exemplifies a successful transition into a more compassionate and fulfilling career.

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