In the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), healthcare is a key industry. It’s not just about providing care but also about hiring the right people to do so. We gathered insights from Lena Reily and Ruth Green, managers at different healthcare facilities, to understand better ways to recruit healthcare workers. Their advice is valuable for both those looking to work in healthcare and those hiring in the field.

Looking Beyond Experience to Personal Traits

Lena Reily suggests a big change in hiring—instead of focusing on how many years someone has worked, we should look at their personal qualities.
“It’s about their ability to uplift and support, not just their years on the job,”
  Lena says.
She believes in focusing on questions that tell us more about a person’s real character and how they handle situations. Lena emphasizes the need for the “it factor”—a combination of personal traits that make someone ideally suited for healthcare, beyond what’s on their resume.
“We need people who come ready to learn and help in a positive way,”
  she notes.
For more on the “it factor,” check out our detailed article.
If you’re interested in hearing more from Lena on this topic, watch her full video here.

The True Reward of Working in Healthcare

Ruth Green offers advice to anyone thinking about a healthcare career: it’s not about the money.
“Don’t join healthcare for the money; do it because you really want to,”
  she urges.
The biggest reward, she says, is feeling good about helping others at the end of each day. Ruth mentions that while the job can be emotionally challenging, the joy of helping others outweighs the tough parts.
“Your heart will feel full every day,”
  she says,
emphasizing the satisfaction that comes from caring for those who can no longer care for themselves.
For further insights from Ruth, be sure to watch her full video here.

How This Shapes Healthcare Recruitment

This advice from Lena and Ruth can transform how healthcare staffing is approached in the GTA:
  1. Redefine Hiring Criteria: Emphasize personal traits and potential during the hiring process.
  2. Highlight Job Fulfillment: Clearly communicate the emotional rewards of healthcare careers to attract passionate individuals.
It’s crucial for healthcare facilities and staffing agencies to update their recruitment strategies accordingly. Changing our approach to hiring can lead to a team that’s not just skilled but also deeply committed to caring. As we face the challenges of healthcare in the GTA, focusing on hiring compassionate and capable people is key.

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