nd social services, certain traits are essential for those who provide care and support. Lena Reily, a seasoned expert in healthcare staffing, highlights the crucial characteristics needed to thrive in this challenging yet rewarding industry.
Here’s what it truly takes to be successful in healthcare according to Lena, along with a deeper exploration of each trait.
Patience: A Non-Negotiable Virtue
Lena Reily and majority of other managers in the healthcare and social services industry, stress on the importance of patience, declaring it 100% non-negotiable.
“If you’re not a patient person, this is not the field for you,”
 Lena states firmly.
In healthcare, situations evolve quickly and often unexpectedly. The ability to remain calm and patient in the face of such changes is critical, not just for managing one’s own stress but also for providing the best care to patients who may be experiencing fear or anxiety.
Flexibility: Ready for Anything
Flexibility goes hand-in-hand with patience. According to Lena, professionals in this field must be able to “go with the flow.” Changes can occur on a dime—shifts in patient needs, sudden emergencies, or evolving health scenarios—all requiring a swift and adaptable response.
“Things can change on a dime, and you have to be ready and be able to go with the flow,”
 Lena emphasizes,
underscoring the unpredictable nature of healthcare environments.
Compassion and Empathy: Core to Care
The essence of healthcare is rooted in compassion and empathy. Lena highlights these traits as foundational:
“Being compassionate, empathetic, dependable—Yeah, those are the non-negotiables for sure.”
Healthcare professionals must be able to place themselves in their patients’ shoes, understanding their feelings and perspectives to provide care that respects their dignity and individual needs.
Dependability: The Backbone of Trust
Dependability is another critical trait that Lena insists upon. In a field where patients and their families rely heavily on caregivers, being reliable is a must. This reliability builds trust, a crucial element in effective care delivery.
Dependable professionals ensure continuity of care and are the ones families remember and appreciate long after treatment ends. If you are looking for dependable healthcare and social services workers, book a 30mins Free Strategy call with Ann, to discuss your staffing needs and requirements.
The Leadership Dimension: Fostering Success
Lena also touches on the importance of leadership in fostering these traits among staff.
“The leadership team most of us have come from being frontline staff ourselves… it’s just part of it,”
 Lena notes,
adding that leaders must exhibit and promote these qualities to cultivate a supportive and effective team environment. Leadership in healthcare does not merely manage but actively inspires and promotes growth.
Soft Skills: The “People, People”
Lena points out that beyond the technical skills, which can be taught, it’s the soft skills that truly matter. Staffing providers need to identify those who are naturally “people, people”—those who genuinely enjoy and find fulfillment in interacting and caring for others.
“Making sure that the people that they’re bringing in are people, people, and that they want to be there,” Lena advises.
This natural inclination towards caring cannot be understated and is often what makes the difference in patient experiences.
Thriving in Healthcare: More Than Just Skills Finally, Lena discusses the “it factor,” a blend of innate qualities that make someone exceptional in healthcare.
“We can teach the skills, but we need the people with the ‘it factor’ to come in the door,” she asserts.
This factor involves a personal drive and connection to the mission of healthcare, which are pivotal for long-term success and satisfaction in the field.
Cultivating the “It Factor”
As healthcare continues to evolve and grow, the demand for professionals who not only have the necessary technical skills but also embody these essential personal traits will only increase.
Lena Reily’s insights provide a valuable framework for anyone in the healthcare sector, from new entrants to seasoned professionals and leaders, underscoring the profound impact of personal qualities on professional success and patient care.

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