Ruth Green, the seasoned General Manager at Riverwood Senior Living in Alliston, offers invaluable insights drawn from her 30-year tenure in the field of senior care.
Her reflections are particularly significant for hiring managers looking to understand what truly makes a caregiver successful in this sensitive and vital industry.

The Heart of Compassionate Care

Ruth passionately discusses the profound connections she has formed over the years, emphasizing the emotional rewards of the profession.
The memories that our residents and families have given me, honestly, those cannot be replaced,”
  Ruth shares,
highlighting the personal satisfaction that comes from making a significant impact on families’ lives by ensuring their loved ones are safe and well-cared for.

Essential Traits for Senior Care Professionals

Identifying the indispensable qualities in potential caregivers is crucial, according to Ruth. Trustworthiness, honesty, and heartfelt dedication to the welfare of residents are the pillars that support effective senior care.
“Health care has to come from the heart. You cannot be in this business to make money,”
  she states,
underscoring the altruistic motivation required in this field.

Advice for Hiring in Senior Care

Ruth offers specific guidance for hiring managers in the senior care sector. She advocates for a more narrative-based approach to interviewing, where candidates share personal experiences with seniors rather than responding to conventional questions.
“Get them to tell you a story that’s happened with a senior in their life,”
  Ruth advises,
suggesting that these stories provide deeper insight into the candidates’ true capabilities and compassion.

The Challenge of Recruitment and Retention

Looking ahead to the challenges of staffing, Ruth emphasizes the importance of not settling for merely filling positions.
“A body is just not good enough to have as an employee,”
  she remarks,
highlighting the need for staff who genuinely fit the compassionate ethos of senior care. She stresses that quality of care depends significantly on the sincerity and integrity of the staff, making careful hiring essential.

The Role of Staffing Agencies

Acknowledging the critical role of staffing agencies, especially during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic, Ruth praises agencies that meet her high standards. Agencies like Agile, which provide well-vetted, caring staff, are invaluable.
“It’s been a really positive relationship,”
  she notes about her experience with Agile,
appreciating their promptness and understanding of Riverwood’s high expectations.

Building a Dedicated Team

For hiring managers in senior care, Ruth Green’s advice is clear: look beyond the resume and find candidates who exhibit a genuine passion for caregiving.
The future of senior care depends on our ability to recruit and retain individuals who are not only skilled but also deeply committed to enhancing the lives of the elderly. Ruth’s perspective is a crucial guide for anyone tasked with assembling a compassionate, competent team in senior care. If you are looking forward to build a lasting team, Book a call with Ann Now

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