Marcy White, a dedicated mother managing care for her son Jacob who has PDM, shares her experiences navigating the complexities of home care staffing. Her journey highlights the challenges she has faced with various agencies and underscores the distinct positive impact Agile Healthcare Solutions has made in her life.

Navigating the Challenges of Home Care Staffing

Marcy’s experience with home care agencies has been fraught with challenges, from a lack of skilled nurses to serious errors in care.
“We’ve tried to work with lots of agencies… And there have only been a couple of agencies who have stood the test of time,”
Marcy explains.
Her journey through these difficulties showcases the critical need for reliability and skill in home care services, which many agencies failed to meet.

A Lack of Skilled Care

Marcy recounts the frustrations of working with agencies that promised skilled nursing care but failed to deliver, highlighting the scarcity of professionals equipped to handle specialized conditions like Jacob’s.
“There were some agencies that were contracted to provide nurses and have not been able to provide a single nurse with the skills we need,”
 she notes,
illustrating a significant gap in service delivery.

Accountability and Continuity

She also faced issues with accountability where errors occurred frequently.
“There were so many errors and so many near misses,”
 Marcy recounts.
Instead of addressing these concerns, one agency chose to sever ties rather than improve their practices. This response starkly contrasts with what families like hers need, which is a partnership that grows and adapts to their feedback.

Agile Healthcare Solutions: A Beacon of Hope

In her search for dependable care, Marcy found a stark difference in her dealings with Agile Healthcare Solutions. It was here that she met Ann, a representative of Agile, who initially offered reassurances that Marcy had heard before but grew to trust due to consistent and reliable actions over time.

Transformation Through Genuine Care

“I think a lot of the other agencies could look to Agile and to Ann and learn a lot,”
 Marcy suggests,
highlighting the exceptional service and genuine care provided by Agile. She was skeptical at first, noting,
“I heard the words but I’m like okay I’ve heard this before.”
However, Ann’s promises weren’t just empty words; they translated into actions that genuinely prioritized Jacob’s best interests, which made a huge difference to Marcy and her son.

Words Turned into Action

Marcy’s initial skepticism was gradually replaced by trust as she witnessed Agile’s commitment to Jacob’s care materialize into concrete actions.
“It wasn’t until time went on and the words became more than words,”
 she reflects.
This experience not only changed her perception but also solidified Agile as a trusted partner in her son’s ongoing care.


Marcy White’s experience sheds light on the vital qualities needed in home care staffing: skill, accountability, and genuine commitment. Agile Healthcare Solutions stands out as a model of how integrity and proactive service can make a profound difference in the lives of families dealing with complex medical needs. Marcy’s story is a testament to the powerful impact of finding the right care partner. If you’re navigating similar challenges and need trustworthy, skilled care, consider booking a meeting with our experts at Agile Healthcare Solutions. We are here to listen and transform your care needs into action.

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