Lena Reily, a senior manager at a healthcare facility in the GTA, shares her candid insights into the world of healthcare staffing, offering a real-world perspective on the actual needs and challenges that facilities face when working with staffing agencies.

Understanding the Core Needs

For Lena, understanding the specific needs of a healthcare facility is paramount.
“It’s really important to us that staffing partners understand our needs,” she says,
emphasizing the necessity for agencies to grasp the unique requirements of each facility. This includes recognizing the importance of having staff who are not just skilled but also possess the “it factor”—traits like compassion, patience, and good observational skills that are crucial in healthcare.

The Reality of External Staffing

Lena highlights a common challenge: the reliance on external staffing agencies due to staff shortages.
“We just don’t have enough people to fill the needs that we have,” Lena notes,
describing a frequent scenario many healthcare facilities face. However, bringing in external staff isn’t without its complications.
“There are mixed feelings about bringing outside staffing agencies in,” she admits,
pointing out that external staff often lack the specific training and familiarity with the facility’s routines that regular staff have.

Bridging the Training Gap

The integration of external staff can sometimes disrupt the flow of operations.
Lena points out,
“They may not have received the exact training that our regular staff have received.”
This gap can lead to issues with routine tasks and overall patient care, underscoring the need for better training alignment between the facility’s standards and the preparation provided by staffing agencies.

The Role of Agile Healthcare Solutions

Agile Healthcare Solutions has been instrumental in addressing these challenges through flexibility and a deep understanding of the facility’s needs.
“Agile has been instrumental in providing staff who not only meet our qualifications but also blend seamlessly with our team dynamics,” Lena reviews.
If your facility faces similar challenges and you’re seeking a staffing partnership that truly understands your needs and can provide adaptable solutions, book a meeting with our experts at Agile Healthcare Solutions.
Lena Reily’s experiences provide valuable insights into the essential qualities needed from healthcare staffing agencies. Through understanding, appropriate training, and flexibility, agencies like Agile Healthcare Solutions can effectively support healthcare facilities, ensuring both staff and patient needs are met comprehensively. Lena’s story illustrates the impact of thoughtful and responsive staffing solutions in maintaining high standards of care.

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